• We offer consulting services ranging from helping our clients choose real estate or land most appropriately meeting their needs to general or specific information on issues involving architecture, construction, interior design, decorating and selecting service providers.

• Consulting services may be solicited at any stage during the process as it is important both for correcting unsuccessful ongoing processes as well as support for acquiring products and services.
• For the purchase of land or a real estate for instance, major details such as geographic location of the site, sunlight exposure, the direction the building faces, infrastructure, and legislation will be considered among other not so minor details.
• The same applies to remodeling, interior design and purchasing furniture.
• Upon concluding the consultation service a report is delivered to the client, which will later be used as an important document for technical, artistic and legal support, and will also be significant to the final decision making process of the client’s investment.

• Consists of providing information in the area of architecture, construction and interior design, including overseeing the progress of project execution and work sites and assessing decisions and recommending solutions for the best results. These services are provided on an ongoing basis according to the time required for project conclusion and include monitoring progress of the project.
•Our team can identify and resolve areas of conflict, eliminating or reducing unforeseen technical, artistic, functional or logistic issues. These unforeseen events may result in materials waste and the need to redo several tasks, adding unnecessary extra costs to the project and making it impossible to stay within budget and the task schedule. 
• Assessments such as the best planning or technique for the execution of specific project details, as well as changes or upgrades to old or partially completed projects are services which require expertise and professionalism in deciding the best resolution for a particular issue.

• FRANÇA/AMADIO design & arquitetura has 30 years of experience in architecture, interior and furniture design, and in the design and execution of commercial and residential projects.
We offer our expertise and professionalism to our clients.

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